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What is Online/Digital PR?

Online PR has evolved as a result of the rise of online media. When you perform PR activities on digital media, it’s is called online/digital PR. As a modern PR agency in Bangladesh, we offer strategic online & offline PR services.

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Our Online/Offline PR Services

We provide you with comprehensive online and offline PR services in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

PR Research & Strategy

We are a team of expert PR strategists. Let's strategize your PR activities and achieve ultimate success.

Press Release & Article Distribution

Press releases are an integral part of PR activities. We write press releases and articles and distribute them properly.

Media Relations

Maintaining media relations is a tricky and time-consuming task. We make it easy with our unique media relations strategy.


Advertorials are paid media coverage in the form of news. This type of communication is good for building brand image.

External Communication & Stakeholder Relations

External communication is crucial for the success of any organization. We set the right strategy and execute them for external communication.

CSR Activities

If you are planning to conduct CSR activities, get in touch with us. We do it in a way that brings the ultimate benefits for your business.

Crisis Communication & Management

A crisis may arise at any time in any business. We help you prepare with precautions and manage crisis smartly.

Search Engine Optimization as a PR Tool

Search engines play a vital role as a PR tool in the age of digital communication. People are searching for your products or services. We help you show up your website on search engines for those queries.

Integrate Website With PR Activities

In 2021, you can't ignore the role of the website as a PR tool. We integrate your website with all your PR activities.

Reputation Management

Reputation is very crucial for any business in the long run. We manage the reputation of your business with a smart approach.

Newsletter Design & Distribution

A properly made newsletter can help you gain more trust and authority in the industry. We design and distribute newsletters.

Online & Social Media Communication

Communication channels have changed in course of time. We integrate your communication on all modern channels including social media.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking in the industry events builds trust, authority, and image for a business and the persons. We arrange speaking engagements.

Internal Communication & Employee Relations

Internal communication is the heart of a company. It enhances success. We prepare internal communication process in the right way.

Corporate Sponsorship

Sponsoring the right cause can boost your brand image. We help you connect the right sponsorship opportunities.

Guest Articles

Publishing a guest article in the newspaper or industry magazine/blog enhances your brand image and reputation. We help you do that rightly.

Blogging as a PR Tool

Blogging is also a significant online PR tool. We set up smart blog on your website and manage it with our expertise.

Brand Mention as a PR Tool

Getting brand mentions on industry magazines, blogs, or newspapers is a really awesome thing. It boosts your brand authority.

Backlink as a PR Tool

Backlinks don't only enhance your brand, it strengthens the website and increases search engine ranking potential.

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Why Choose Us for PR Services in Dhaka

  • Clients love our creativity in PR activities.
  • Integrated PR communication approach.
  • Expert press release writers ensure quality.
  • We are online and tech savvy.
  • We are great for online PR services.
  • We mean results, that you love the most.
  • We design your dream PR strategy.
  • We do what we say.

Core Reasons Why You Should Consider Our PR Services

We are Collaborative

We have created a collaborative environment where clients get services with ease.

We Deliver Results On-Time

On-time delivery makes are different in the market. We complete projects on time with our defined project management process.

We Have Access to All Media

As a professional service provider, we have access to all media channels.

Integrated Communication

Integrated communication is one of our core strengths. Rely on our depth of expertise.

An Affordable PR Company in Bangladesh

We square measure cheap for a variety of reasons. As we would like to figure with firms of all sizes as well as tiny and medium enterprises (SME), we provide services at an inexpensive worth. 

All our colleagues work from home except people who have to be compelled to meet shoppers just like the salespeople and Key Account Managers. It doesn’t matter if the pandemic is there or not, we tend to invariably work from home. 

No! perhaps not invariably. Generally, we tend to work from the beach, the park within the neighborhood, a cafe beside the house, a resort in Gazipur, and therefore the list goes on. 

Working from home gifts us 2 benefits. 

It keeps us happy as we are able to work from where we tend to like as well as beaches and bungalows. 
It reduces the overhead value of our colleagues and ultimately results in cheap value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Public relations or PR is the set of activities that impact public perception about an entity in a positive manner.

Any company or non-profit organizations can take PR services. It enhances their brand image, reputation, and manage crisis in tough time.

No, we are not the biggest PR agency in Bangladesh. We are specially good for small and medium businesses that generate less than USD 10 million per year.

Yes, we visit your office and discuss your requirements. 

1TC or 1 Taka consultation is one of our unique programs. Under this program, we attend an online meeting with you and consult on various topics for growing your business on through PR services.

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