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Brand Monitoring Services

We offer strategic brand monitoring services to equip you with insights into your stakeholders’ perception of the brand.

Monitor Your Brand With Us

The more you learn about the perception of people about your brand, the better you can decide about it. Start monitoring your brand and explore what others are talking about it. Also, keep an eye on your competitors to see how you can go ahead of them.

What Do We Monitor?

We monitor including but not limited to the following.

Monitor Corporate Brand

This is one of the common types of brand monitoring services. We monitor your corporate brand name and anything related to it. The service covers what people are talking about your brand while mentioning the name on various channels. All major social media channels, websites, blogs, industry magazines, etc. are some of the channels that we scan.

Monitor Products or Services

You may have product or service brands. Let’s explore how people are reacting on your products or services.

Monitor Campaigns

Campaign monitoring can give you insights into how people are perceiving your marketing activities. When you run a campaign on a digital channel like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Ads, etc. people likely talk about it on online spaces especially social media and blogs. If you learn exactly what they are saying, you can do better with future campaigns.

Monitor Competitors

Competitors’ brand monitoring can power you up with valuable information. You can use this information to beat your competitors.

Monitor the Industry

It’s always important to learn insights about the business industry. We will monitor various dynamics of the industry and let you know with analysis. Industry insights can empower you to make the right decisions at the right time. We explore industry keywords, monitor them, and prepare insightful reports for you.

Monitor Anything Else

Planning to monitor anything else? We are not limited to the common services. Get in touch with us and let us know your requirements.

Importance of Brand Monitoring

Brand monitoring helps you take a close look at your brand with the eye of your stakeholders. By monitoring your brand, you can learn and analyze sentiment. Are people talking in positive, negative, or neutral sentiment about your brand? What language are they using while commenting about your company? Are they referring to your products or services? Are they facing any issues with the products, services, or customer supports? You can explore answers to all these questions. 

When you know the answers to these questions, you can take action accordingly.

It helps you learn valuable insights about your competitors. Are people spreading positivity or negativity about your competitors? What features of your competitors’ products do they love or don’t. Why do some people buy your competitors’ products or services? These are a few of the topics that you get insights into. 

Industry insights are another thing that comes with our services. What’s trendy in your industry? What’s changing in the business sector? You get answers to these question with our services.

Brand monitoring lets you build and maintain your reputation in the market. It supports you in building a community around your brand. And, as a by-product, you get some SEO juice from the brand monitoring activities if done properly.

Why Choose Us for Brand Monitoring

  • Under a 360-degree approach, we cover all industries. 
  • Our affordable service is a great way to save money.
  • Our expert brand monitoring team ensures that you get exactly what you need.
  • We are digital media experts who offer full-fledged branding services.
  • We are tech-savvy.
  • You get quantifiable results with us.
  • We monitor all digital media including social media, blogs, corporate and personal websites, etc. 
  • We provide you with actionable and comprehensive reports.

Core Reasons Why You Should Choose Our Brand Monitoring Services

Extensive Analysis on What to Monitor

Before starting to monitor a brand, it's crucial to understand what to monitor. We find answers to this question with extensive analysis.

Comprehensive Monitoring Reports

We provide you with comprehensive monitoring reports that you can use in decision making.

Instant Notification for Emergency Findings

We notify you instantly if we find anything that requires immediate action.

One-Stop Solution for Online Branding

We provide you with a one-stop solution to all your online branding requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Brand monitoring is the act of monitoring certain aspects of a brand on various channels.

Companies with any size, operating in any industries should monitor their brands if they want to take it to the next level.

Obviously! BrandTOM is for online branding. And, brand monitoring is one of our specialized services.

We provide services all around the world. So, no matter what country you are from, get in touch with us for quality services.

Yes! We monitor brand performance and positioning with a strategic approach.

1DC or 1 Dollar Consultation is one of our unique programs. Under this program, we attend an online meeting with you and consult on various topics for growing your business through digital media communications.

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