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What is Social Media Marketing?

Weird question, right? Social media marketing has been such an obvious term that it seems everyone knows what social media marketing is. Still, we would like to define it in our own way. 

“Social media marketing is a modern marketing method that uses social media to communicate and engage with potential audiences. It has enabled two-way marketing communication which was one-way in the age of traditional media like television and radio.” – Faisal Mansoor, Marketing Consultant, BrandTOM.

Characteristics of the Best Social Media Marketing Company

The best social media marketing agency in Bangladesh should offer complete services including maximum social channels. Quality is a key factor to identify the best company. Another characteristic is the expertise of the social media marketers of a certain social media marketing company.

The company should have a clear understanding of the cultural aspects of Bangladesh to qualify as the best one. And, it should rank number 1 in terms of all these criteria. BrandTOM meets most of the factors and claims to be one of the best social media marketing companies in Bangladesh.

Social Media Marketing Services We Offer

We provide you with comprehensive social media marketing services in Bangladesh and anywhere in the world. Get in touch with us from any corner of the world and grow your business with our top-notch social media marketing services.

Facebook Marketing

The 2021 report of Stats Counter shows, "More than 86% of the total social media users of Bangladesh use Facebook."

YouTube Marketing

YouTube has been getting more and more popular in course of time. Bangladeshi people are spending more time on YouTube than ever.

Twitter Marketing

According to the Stats Counter report, "Twitter is second most popular social media in Bangladesh.

LinkedIn Marketing

If you are selling any professional services, LinkedIn can be a great channel. It generates good results in b2b marketing.

Instagram Marketing

If you are in a business that attracts the youths, Instagram can help you with a lot of benefits. Let's grow your presence on Instagram.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is good for taking ideas and inspirations. Bangladeshi users are getting used to the social channel gradually.

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Benefits of Our Social Media Marketing Service

  • We are a team of creative and energetic social media marketers.
  • We offer Integrated Social Marketing Services.
  • Vast industry knowledge is our core strength.
  • Social media advertising is our top-priority service.
  • You get affordable services from BrandTOM.
  • You get quantifiable results with us.
  • We focus on your audiences’ taste.
  • You get a cheerful, friendly team for social media marketing.

Core Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

Top-Notch Collaboration Makes Us Unique

If you want to experience the beauty of collaboration, try our service today.

On-Time Delivery Helps You Keep the Right Pace

We work on projects in a very organized way so we can complete projects on time.

Result is What We Focus on

The result is always our core focus of social media marketing activities for your business.

Integrated Social Media Marketing is Our Commitment

Integrated marketing gives you a better result. Explore our integrated marketing.

Social Media Marketing in Bangladesh: An Analysis

According to Datareportal, more than 36 million people use social media in Bangladesh. This huge number of social media users has generated interest among the marketers’ community. 

Businesses are putting a lot of effort into social media to hook their audiences with the brand. As a company in 2021, you also should pay attention to social media marketing.

Social media marketing agencies are playing a great role in helping companies communicate with the right audiences on social media. Young people are learning social media marketing both from online and offline institutes. 

Some of the young freelancers are doing social media marketing for foreign companies and earning a significant amount of remittance. As a professional social media marketing agency, we provide quality service.

We Are an Affordable Marketing Company

If you are looking for affordable social media marketing services in Bangladesh, you are just in the right place. We provide you with quality services at an affordable price. 

Working from home allows us to reduce the cost of services. No matter if there is a pandemic or not, we always work from home. So, we don’t need to pay a huge amount of money for renting an office in Dhaka. Call us for affordable services: (+88) 01516129735.

Choose Your Package

We offer digital marketing services on a retainer basis. Choose a package below that best meets your requirements. Also, feel free to talk with us to have a custom package exclusively designed to meet your specific needs. 

1. Premium

For larger companies

  • Original Content Development for Social Media
  • Custom Design for Posts
  • Canva Design for Posts
  • Custom Design for Ads
  • Social Media Calendar Organization
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Special Creative Campaign
  • Community Management
  • Platforms Included: Facebook & Instagram
  • More Social Networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.) (Requires additional cost)
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Progress Report
  • Monthly Activity Report
  • Post Frequencies: 40 posts per month.

2. Popular

Grow smartly

  • Original Content Development for Social Media
  • Custom Design for Posts
  • Canva Design for Posts
  • Custom Design for Ads
  • Social Media Calendar Organization
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Special Creative Campaign
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Monthly Activity Report
  • Quarterly Progress Report
  • Post Frequencies: 20 posts per month.

3. Regular

Spend less

  • Original Content Development for Social Media
  • Canva Design for Posts
  • Custom Design for Ads
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Monthly Activity Report
  • Post Frequencies: 20 posts per month.

Let's Engage Your Audiences

Let's engage your audiences with our strategic social media marketing services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your audiences are browsing Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. So, isn’t it important to reach where your audiences are?

Yes, social media can generate sales if done strategically.

There are many awesome social media marketing companies in the country. They are doing really great. And, BrandTOM distinguishes itself with some unique values.

Yes, we visit your office and discuss your requirements. 

1TC or 1 Taka consultation is one of our unique programs. Under this program, we attend an online meeting with you and consult on various topics for growing your business through social media communications.

There are some really awesome social media marketing agencies in Bangladesh. Here are the top ones. You can take a look at the great ones on Sortlist. These companies are doing great: Geeky Social, and Bizcope. 

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Hear From Our Clients

"BrandTOM has been working with us as a Strategic Content Partner. They are full of positivity and enthusiasm. We are very happy with their services."
Best digital marketing agency in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Zakaria Mohammad
CEO, American Best IT Limited
"I love it"
Representative, Sovereignty Abound
"BrandTOM is has been doing a great job for our company. From strategy to execution, they are very expert in the field. When it comes to running marketing campaigns, they are very organized and focused. We got outstanding results and we wish them all the best wishes."
Ridoy Hasan Ujjal
CEO, Tulshimala Agro

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How We Work

We work in a collaborative way, which helps us deliver qualitative results.